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soft rotation #5 Jessoo Hong + Duhyoung Kim / META / Sarah&Juan / leila crack

today10. Januar 2024


Konzerte/Veranstaltungen Im 674FM Konzertraum

  • soft rotation

soft rotation #5 Jessoo Hong + Duhyoung Kim / META / Sarah&Juan / leila crack

soft rotation #5

674FM Konzertraum
Ubierring 13, 50678 Köln
12.06.2024 (Wednesday!)
20:00 Uhr

Duhyoung Kim + Jeesoo Hong
Sarah & Juan
leila crack

Jeesoo Hong + Duhyoung Kim

„Two Pronged Rotation“ is a performative and participatory work, which its audiences their own sounds find. There is no boundary between stage and place for audience in this, but participants are guided as a two lines of people around in the concert place by two artists(Jeesoo/Dudu). These lines meet, separate and cross each other.

Audiences wander through sounding sculptures and installed sounds and can hear those according to their body, ears, or their perception. In that way, audiences are listeners and performers at the same time.

The installed sounds are field-recorded and/or synthesized. They will be played right before the beginning of the work and installed after a collaboration with spaces and dedicated situations

We personally interested in sound/audio walk in a specific site. „Two Pronged Rotation“ will be performed and guided in a ordinary closed and musical place. This guidance dedicates itself as a live composing tool with moving bodies and ears.


META ist ein 2021 gegründetes Improvisations-Musikprojekt, das sich zwischen Klangkunst und experimenteller Musik, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Drone und Noise einordnen lässt. META als Präfix für etwas Höheres, Ungreifbares. Derzeitige Mitglieder des Projekts: Moritz Barbian, Katharina Hamp, Karen Fritz, Marika Pyrszel, Dirk Dullmaier.

META arbeitet mit Field Recordings, Klängen von Alltagsgegenständen, Zitaten, assoziativem Sprechen und Singen, E-Piano, E-Gitarre, der Singenden Säge, Modularsynthesizer, Loops, Tapeloops und mehr.



The project Sarah&Juan is a friendship turned into music that proposes, in its acoustic and close format, a mix of folk, bossa nova, dreampop and lo-fi ambient. With a degree of multilingual vocal improvisation, the duo’s sound features guitar harmonies with spiritual and playful hues. „Soft Rotation“ is the first public event in which they present themselves as a group.

leila crack

A journey through self made sound systems in hidden places, uncounted voices, hardcore breaks and home. Music is a place of memory, of the common struggle, resistance and movement. What we select has to do with us or tells a story we want to tell. Every story comes through improvisation of feelings inside me.

leila crack is a dj persona, collector and sound artist. She grows up in german free tekno culture.