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Thury Tonarm & DJ Funky Fresh Mike — Milestones


soft rotation #4 Celeste / kskefk / DUO PIMPERNELLI / Artgroove

today10. Januar 2024


Konzerte/Veranstaltungen Im 674FM Konzertraum

  • soft rotation #4

soft rotation #4 Celeste / kskefk / DUO PIMPERNELLI / Artgroove

soft rotation #4


Wednesday, 8. May 2024
Start 20 Uhr
Free Entry!
674FM Konzertraum
Ubierring 13, 50678 Köln

soft rotation is a monthly concert organized collectively by sound enthusiasts. We warmly introduce rotation as our core concept, offering a platform for newcomers and artists who share our commitment to exploration by embracing errors, mistakes in try-outs. soft rotation is a concert series of time-based sound performances encompassing practices, actions, computer music, electronics, acoustic music, and audio-visual.


Within a fusion of electroacoustic & tape noise, embedded in song structures of multiple vocals, the solo project “Celeste” by Cologne based artist Farah Maria Wind leads us into moments of experimental ambient and field textures.


For the experimental musician Lukas Kannemann to travel a sonic journey is about surprises and where those can take you spiritually. preferring to collaborate with his surroundings, participants from other (art) genre -be it carpenters, dancers or more recently circus- the artist utilizes minimalistic loops and repetitions to provoke a trance-like state, activating the passing of time into a landscape littered with persistence, frustration, boredom, curiosity, support, collectivity, acceptance and mistake to eventually find a moment of bliss.


It was only when everything seemed too late, when life was already half over, that DUO PIMPERNELLI heard something like music for the first time. The neighbor at the window said: „Listen, that’s music!“ and closed his window.  After that, they immediately wanted to go on tour, but couldn’t play any instruments yet. Now they pretend they do. 

Although the DUO PIMPERNELLI have never been seen live before, the feature section of the Cologne EXPRESS ran the enigmatically poetic headline: „Die sind wie ein Stein der am Grund von ´nem See liegt.“


„Artgroove“ is a music project by Oliver Crawford from Cologne that combines various forms of stage performances. The current focus on hardware-only live shows emphasizes the essence of the music, while the real-time processing of beats and synthesizers creates an interactive experience. The use of analog equipment highlights the roots of electronic music, while samplers allow for a complex structure. This combination provides variety and interaction in the live performances that showcase the fusion of electronic music and art.