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Thury Tonarm & DJ Funky Fresh Mike — Milestones


soft rotation #3 wipeç / Professor Cheng / ERINLEEHONG / Yonca Yildirim

today8. Januar 2024


Konzerte/Veranstaltungen Im 674FM Konzertraum

  • soft rotation #3 * 674 Konzertraum * 10.4.2024

soft rotation #3 wipeç / Professor Cheng / ERINLEEHONG / Yonca Yildirim

soft rotation #3

Professor Cheng
Yonca Yildirim

Mittwoch, 10. April 2024
Beginn 19 Uhr
Free Entry!
674FM Konzertraum
Ubierring 13, 50678 Köln

soft rotation is a monthly concert organized collectively by sound enthusiasts. We warmly introduce rotation as our core concept, offering a platform for newcomers and artists who share our commitment to exploration by embracing errors, mistakes in try-outs. soft rotation is a concert series of time-based sound performances encompassing practices, actions, computer music, electronics, acoustic music, and audio-visual.


Formed by multi-instrumentalist and composer Ahmetcan Gökçeer in 2020, wipeç blends traditional genre boundaries in a playful manner, outputting sounds that range from the rock concert hall to the dance floor.

As a one person operation, it focuses on the interplay between structure and randomness.

Professor Cheng

„Professor Cheng“ is a theatrical musical performance with two women sitting at the milk bar who occupy the conventional narrative of „male-written history“. Through a narrative of a serial-killer haunted by nightmares and the past, they tell of blurred boundaries between real and surreal. Dissonant melodies wind their way into characters without clearly distinguishable transitions and meld into erratic piano reminiscing the tragic misogyny.
At the same time, they try to draw attention to the urgency of gendered language and feminist linguistics with a wink. Isn’t it interesting that all previous recipients assumed that Professor Cheng must be illustrating a man?


Erin is an experimental audio-visual artist currently studying in Cologne.
Her work diverts field recordings from real space and reaches somewhere between fiction and non-fiction, to stay in the subconscious loop of a certain space with elements such as feelings, languages, and many other particles of the atmosphere.
For this night, we will stay in wait as our surfaces purify.

Yonca Yildirim

Yonca Yildirim, part of the Mimosa collective and Apéro as well as student at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, is always keen to explore a range of genres from experimental and tribal to electronic and funk music, with the aim of incorporating her new discoveries into her DJ sets.