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Thury Tonarm & DJ Funky Fresh Mike — Milestones


Asi-mmet-ric präsentiert: Plague Pits (Bern), Eyal Talmor (Leipzig), Brussels (Köln)

today2. November 2023


Konzerte/Veranstaltungen Im 674FM Konzertraum

Asi-mmet-ric präsentiert: Plague Pits (Bern), Eyal Talmor (Leipzig), Brussels (Köln)

Freitag 8.12.23
Einlass: 19:30
Start: 20:30
Eintritt: 10 Euro
674FM Konzertraum
Ubierring 13, 50678 Köln

Plague Pits (Bern)
Plague Pits is a collective from Bern, Switzerland. Inspired by the D.I.Y. electronic tape underground of yore, they play disco dirges for the Anthropocene – cold wave for a heating planet.
“Inspired by the 80’s D.I.Y. electronic tape culture, Plague Pits play funeral music to accompany the misstep of man on earth, and the sound is as fascinating as the described situation is bleak […] Transnecropolitan is like an 80’s minimal-synth-wave soundtrack of a documentary that describes a decaying process of society in 7 episodes“” – Swiss Dark Scene

Eyal Talmor (Leipzig)
Eyal Talmor is an experimental musician dealing with unusual behaviors of electronics and sound. His improvisational performances centre around a synthesizer that, when connected to a normal functioning machine, becomes unintentionally influenced by corrupted MIDI data sent back and forth, causing it to operate beyond its planned capabilities.
While dealing with the chaotic nature of the involved machines and the live setting in real-time, Talmor’s setup allows him to reach sounds that would be otherwise impossible. The described method makes every performance unique and unrepeatable, allowing the musician to research stress conditions, chaos, the physicality and behaviors of new sounds and their influence on the listener.

Brussels (Köln)
Der Sound, den Roboter hören, wenn Computer die Weltherrschaft an sich gerissen haben. 80er Elektronik durchmengt mit Noise und Punk, wird zu

Nach dem Konzert: Deconstructed Hobbykeller DJ Team am Plattenteller