05 Okt 2014, 19-22 Uhr

Auch dieses Mal wieder mit Mike S. und Mike S.

Zwei Flieger-Mixe erwarten euch, incl. Start und Landung. Erst auf die weiche, danach auf die harte Art. Sound und neue Tracks nicht nur für Piloten, Stewardessen und First Class Passagiere. Es begrüßen euch an Board u.a. Guy J, Nicolas Petracca, Nicorus, Dale Middleton, Daniel Stefanik, Slam u.v.m.

Label des Monats ist “EUREKA FRANKFURT“.

The Label EUREKA Frankfurt is a foundation of Ingo Boss. EUREKA is to understand as a platform for his own productions. His music will be combined with some remixes of other artists and friends of him. There are no rules in musical direction, no typical kind of styles of music. Expect the unexpected & expect that all is ONE. It could be House, it could be Techno, it could Ambient, it could be Trip-Hop, it could be Drum’n’Bass or Breakbeat, it could be everything! So, stay open in your mind and your heart. Look forward to some nice tones & sequences, feel the energy of the music. If you let yourself go, the music got you, let the music keep the flow.